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Company Information


Spotlight Dance Company is designed as a conservatory-type program to prepare students to become technically proficient dancers, to attend college as a dance major, and to dance professionally if their goal is to do so. All serious dancers are invited to audition for our Dance Company.


Students have the opportunity to learn from professional choreographers and dancers through attendance at regional and national workshops, competitions, and conventions. We  conduct master classes taught by professionals from the United States and the United Kingdom.


Our dancers compete and win top awards at regional and national dance competitions, and have opportunities to audition for professional dance companies and performance artists.


To learn more about how our dancers have turned their love of dance into a career, see our Company Alumni page.


The Company curriculum is centered around the core disciplines of Ballet and McGovern Method Conditioning with additional classes in Pointe, Lyrical, Jazz, Contemporary, Tap, and Hip Hop.


Students learn proper technique as well as correct body alignment, flexibility, strength, and endurance which creates technically and physically strong dancers and minimizes the potential for injury. We prepare our students for the physical and mental challenges that this beautiful art form can bring and we work to ensure that they will grow into well-rounded athletic performers.


Students also train with and learn dances from master instructors and guest choreographers and may be selected for additional optional small group numbers.


Optional solo and duo/trio choreography is available from nearly all of our faculty and many of our guest faculty as well.


While the training is serious, we try to keep our classes fun and entertaining and we encourage our dancers to improvise and choreograph their own pieces. We focus on the personal growth of each student while teaching group cooperation and respect for each dancer's unique talents and skill sets.


Age Requirements

Company placement is based on age and ability. Students from ages 5 through 18 are eligible for placement in Spotlight's Company.


Company dancers typically begin training August at the week long Spotlight Summer Intensive. Dancers have the opportunity to take master classes in a number of dance disciplines.


The workshop ends in an audition piece which is used for class placement.


The dance year culminates in a recital and competition at a national dance competition in early Summer.


Competitions & Workshops

Spotlight Company dancers attend in a minimum of one competition per month beginning in January of the dance season. Every effort is made avoid attending two competitions within the same month.


Students can expect to attend a total of five to six competitions per season, most of which are local to the Baltimore-Washington area. The national competition for the year is usually held out of town.


The program for the older students is typically a four day per week schedule of four to four and a half hours of class per day. Younger students dance three days per week.


Parents  attend a parent meeting each Fall to receive the competition schedule, and to learn about financial and time commitments.


Both dancers and their parents are required to sign a contract agreeing to abide by the Company policies, attendance requirements, and behavior.




Company class tuition is heavily discounted to ensure that students receive all of the training they need to become well-rounded dancers.


All Company dancers are required to pay a one-time Company Fee each year in addition to regular tuition to help offset administrative costs. There is also a costume fee for each choreographed dance.


Competition fees are typically $50 per dance with a minimum of four dances performed at each competition. Company students will likely attend at least one competition per year that includes a master class workshop. The estimated cost for a workshop is approximately $200.


Younger students may not compete at all competitions and may compete fewer dances so their costs are usually less than for older students.


For more information on Company tuition and fees, see our Tuition & Fees page or call the studio.

How to Enroll

Contact us by telephone or email to schedule an audition or to be added to our mailing list for our Summer Intensive camp.

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