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Tuition and Fees

Registration for Summer Sessions are now open! See our Summer class schedule for applicable times and costs.  The costs below are applicable to the full dance season schedule.

Annual Fees

Registration fee:       $60 per student or $80 per family due at registration

Recital fee:                 $75 per participating student due in January (does not apply to Company students)

Costume fee:             $80 per participating student, per class due in January (does not apply to Company students)




60 minute class:           $35 per class

90 minute class:           $50 per class



Students may try any open class by paying only the drop-in fee prior to registration.


Students may drop in to any open technique-only class  at any time as long as they do not compete with another studio.


It is a good idea to call the office prior to dropping in to make sure classes are running as scheduled.

Drop-in Tuition




Company tuition rates are based on company level. (Placement by audition only).


Tuition is discounted for Company students. Please call our studio to speak with our office staff to learn more about Company student class commitments, policies, tuition, fees, and estimated competition costs.





1 hour per week:        $85.00/month

1.5 hours per week:   $132.50/month

2 hours per week:      $170.00/month

2.5 hours per week:   $217.50/month

3 hours per week:      $255.00/month


Please contact finance@spotlightstudioofdance.com for pricing above 3 hours per week.


Monthly Tuition Rates

Billed from

September - May (9 months)

Company Tuition

Smart Tuition Service

We employ a professional third party tuition billing service by SMART Tuition. All families with enrolled students are required to use the SMART tuition service. Enrollment forms are available from our office staff.


You may select either the 1st, 5th, or 10th of the month to make monthly payments through SMART. A late fee will be assessed by SMART Tuition for payments not received within 5 days beyond your payment due date.


Accounts will not be adjusted when a student misses class or when the studio if closed due to weather. Tuition will not be refunded for any withdrawals prior to the end of the month.


Please contact finance@spotlightstudioofdance.com, if you have questions regarding Smart Tuition.


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